DSC IT-100
Download 30 day free trial
Click here to download the installation manual The IT-100 from DSC is a Serial Interface that connects to any DSC Power Series Control Panel. We have developed a Graphic User Interface that will indicate Zone open or closed and also allows you full control of your alarm system via the software. There is no quick Disarm function so the security of your Alarm system stays at the highest level. By using a SMTP server you can email basic system functions like Arm by user (User names are changeable) Disarm by user Alarm by Area and Zone ( Zone descriptions are also changeable) The email will include the time, date, area and user or Zone. You have a full visual perspective of your alarm system from a glance of the screen. A virtual event log records all transactions from the software including trouble conditions, software start and stop. By accessing your PC from a remote location you can manage your alarm from any were on the globe. Other features are; Multi Partition Control with a common zone view Chime On and Off by time on the main partition Area 1 Full access to installer programming via the virtual keypad Multiple format graphic like Bitmap,JPG and GIF. Low system resource usage for stable running .NET platform for compatibility We are currently working on Home Automation "Theme Buttons" with RS-232 output to control lights etc. Multipal graphical screens to Zoom in on a location in alarm Auto arming by future schedule SMS control via GSM Modems You simply download the software and install. You then select a graphic or floor plan of your choice and drag and drop the zone icons on there positions. The software is fully functional for 30 days after which you will be prompted to register with the appropriate code.